In the last 14 years (since November 2000) Prof. Madjid Samii has completely lost his intergrity and credibility as a neurosurgeon. Prof. Samii has performed experimental surgery on Sophie Hankes without informed consent. Sophie became wheelchair bound and ill: hypertension, heart-rythm disregulation, perfusion disorder of the right vertebral artery, leading to syncopes after walking 10 meters. So far Prof. Samii has refused to give information, diagnostics, or care. He has refused to answer her letters requesting information and medical care. He violated his duty of care towards Sophie Hankes. Dr. Tatagiba assisted in the experimental neurosurgery and has refused any care as well.

It is upon the doctors to give all victims of medical errors respectful medical care, thus also to Sophie Hankes. Sophie has founded the foundations SIN-NL and IEU-Alliance to improve the position of victims of medical errors and improve patient safety.

Prof. Samii should feel deeply ashamed and should teach all doctors to never abandon their patients after medical errors. Please read also: INI-Hannover, Prof. and Prof

Tell and repair. Register and learn.

In July 2009 (from 8th to 10th) the second MASCIN (Madjid Samii Congress of International Neurosurgeons) meeting was held in Curitiba, Brazil. Dr. Ricardo Ramina and his team at the Neurological Institute of Curitiba (INC) organized this meeting. INC is a hospital with all facilities and cutting edge technology dedicated to Neurosurgery, Neurology, cardiology and heart surgery. Curitiba is a large city (2 million inhabitants) located in Southern Brazil. It is situated about 1,000 m above the sea level and due to its architecture; origin of its population and climate is considered the most European large city of Brazil.

Seventy-four colleagues from 14 Countries participated actively of the second MASCIN meeting. The scientific program covered all fields of neurosurgery and was highlighted by active discussions moderated by Profs. Madijid Samii, Laligam Sekhar. Marcos Tatagiba, Keiki Turel and Ricardo Ramina. Professor Ladislau Steiner from Charlottesville, Virginia presented a memorable conference on “Ethics in Medicine”.

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The social program started with a barbecue” in a typical “ Brazilian churrascaria”. Next evening there was a wine tasting at INC’s reception with the participation of a wine expert, and a gala dinner in a French style castle built in 1924.


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